Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA)?

Lake Arrowhead is privately owned by Lake Arrowhead Association for the recreatioal use and enjoyment of all its members, their families and their guests. ALA owns and operates the Lake, Burnt Mill, and Tavern Bay Beach Clubs, and Grass Valley Lake. ALA also owns and maintains the reserve strip and reserve strip addition and numerous easements which allow property owners who are not lakefront owners access down to the Lake at specific areas.

What are Lake Rights?

All properties located within the boundry of Arrowhead Woods (except Lakewood A & B) have lake rights. This means the owners have the right to use the Lake for recreational purposes, i.e., fishing, swimming, boating, and using the reserve strip and reserve strip addition for foot travel where designated (see Easement Map available in the ALA office).

What is the reserve strip and reserve strip addition?

It is a strip of land around the shoreline just above high water for use by all owners of property within the Woods for park and recreational purposes. Restrictions on the use of these reserve strips can be found in several places, such as old deeds and CC & R's dating back to 1932. "Reserve Strips" are certain strips of land bordering the major portion of the Lake and lying within the contour lines of 5,122 feet above sea level to 5,132 feet above sea level. The width varies depending on elevation. The "Reserve Strip Addition" is certain strips of land bordering the major portion of the Lake and lying within the contour lines of 5,100 to 5,122 feet above sea level.

How do I reach the reserve strip to walk around the shoreline?

ALA maintains a number of easements. Most have been improved and marked with a number for easy identification

What is involved in putting a boat on the lake?

The current boat registration fee is $100.00 per boat. The minimum size is 12 feet, maximum size is 26 feet. All boats under 12 feet (self-powered must stay within the "No Wake" bouy line) must also be registered with ALA for a fee of $50.00. Briefly, the requirements are:
  1. Must own property within Arrowhead Woods
  2. Must own the boat
  3. Must carry $500,000 combined single limit liability insurance pls ALA named as Additional Insured (ask in the ALA office for proper method of insurance verification). Telephone verifications cannot be accepted
  4. Must provide proper mooring, or day launch
  5. Must obtain an operator's license
  6. Launch ramp fees are $20.00 every time you launch or $190.00 Season Launch Pass

What is the difference between a dock and slip right?

A dock is a physical structure located on Lake Arrowhead for the mooring of a boat. There is a numerical designation and the membership fee is applicable. A slip right is the right to purchase a new dock and have it placed on the Lake in a predetermined site when the property is improved.

Can I windsurf or Jet Ski on Lake Arrowhead?

Windsurfing and Jet Skiing are not allowed on the Lake. The Board of Directors feel such activities are unsafe and will not permit the same.

Can I trim or cut a tree?

No tree trimming or cutting is permissible on ALA property or Arrwohead Woods property without prior approval from the applicable organization.

What is a General Membership?

Your General Membership fees help to pay for routine maintenance programs (weed removal, dredging, erision control, trash removal), maintaining the shoreline and more than 60 lake-access easements and trails, stocking the Lake with fish, and putting on the Fourth of July Fireworks display. In addition, we mail our UPDATE and other items of interest to all our memebers during the year, and your memebership fees help to defray the cost of these. Discounts at selected local merchants are available for all paid ALA memebers.

How do I transfer my dock or slip right?

Before any documents can be drawn up, a written notification must be received by the ALA office identifying the buyers and their lot and tract (buyer must provide a copy of their recorded Grant Deed). There is a fee for this service. You may open an escrow for the transfer of a dock or slip right.

What is the "Disclosure and Indemnification Statement" required for dock transfers?

ALA does not guarantee title, nor does ALA investigate security liens. This document makes that clear to both the buyer and seller so that no misunderstanding occur.

If I have a security interest in a dock/slip right, how do I protect myself?

ALA cannot prevent a transfer if the owner requests it to be done. However, we will notify both buyer and seller if we have a written request to do so. Mail a letter to the ALA office stating that you have a security interest and give the pertinent details - dock and current owner's name. We will place that in the file and will notify you (the secured party) if a transfer is requested.

What if I sell my house but do not sell my dock/slip right at the same time?

There is an option available to the dock or slip right owner who wishes to remove a dock from his/her property and has no other improved property (or unimproved property, in the case of a slip right). The owner may enter into a "transfer agreement" with ALA whereby they release the dock/slip right to ALA for holding until such time as a qualified buyer is found, or the maximum period of 365 days is reached. There is a fee for this service.

What improvements can I make to my dock and surrounding area?

Before any construction or repair work is done on docks and appurtenant structures on the lake and/or reserve strip, a permit from the ALA office must be obtained. There is a set of guidelines available in the office to assist in the application. An application fee is required.

What is a lakefront lot?

The ALA office has a list of lakefront lots surrounding Lake Arrowhead. The definition reads, in part, "a lot the boundary of which is common... to property owned by ALA commonly referred to as "reserve strip" or "reserve strip addition"...excluding any property owned by ALA that is drainage property... Any lot created after January 1, 1977, shall have a minimum of ten percent od the perimeter of said lot common to the aforementioned ALA property (in order to be called a Lakefront Lot)."

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